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June 2020

We are happy to announce that Matheus Boaretto has joined our team in Hawke's Bay. Matheus has 13 years of highway design experience in Brazil and 1 1/2 years of traffic and transport engineering experience in New Zealand.

Aaron and Jacques have recently undertaken some work to understand the positive impact of our remote working mode on the environment and for our team members. The full article is available for download below.

March 2020

Thank you to our client for your feedback. We are looking forward to having a larger client base next year so our results can put us forward for a chance at the Beaton Client Choice Awards .

February 2020

Our team had a midweek retreat in late February at Waimarama Beach in Hawke's Bay. 

With a mix of innovation, wellness, team building, some body surfing, cricket and everyone chipping in for meals it was an invigorating couple of days with a strong connection to our values. 

We took the opportunity to pick up rubbish along the beach and discussed our plans to move to being carbon neutral and how to scale our flexible and remote working model, which is great for the environment and personal wellness.


December  2019

We are proud to announce that we have been successful in being appointed to the NZ Transport Agency Speed Management Panel for the Central and Southern Regions. This is a significant win for our team in this quality based tender process, demonstrating the technical skills of our team and their in-depth knowledge of speed management via the methodology. The contract is for a 2+1+1 year period.

In addition to this we have also been engaged by the NZ Transport Agency to assist in the delivery of the SH43 Forgotten Highway Seal Extension. Our team successfully delivered the business case for SH43 in May 2019. We have now been engaged to investigate, design and procure the physical works contractor for the 1st 2km section, whilst also managing the consenting for the entire 12km and procuring a professional services provider to undertake the investigation and design on the final 10km.

November  2019

Our team workshopped our company values, which we are now proud to rollout. It was a great exercise to see what really mattered to our team as individuals and from a company perspective.

Our values are very personal for our team, they have not been dictated from afar. They underpin everything we do.

See our About Us page to view a larger version of our values.

October  2019

We have just received our 1st PACE score for Urban Connection. The final PACE for the SH43 Forgotten World Single Stage Business case was 72% Exceeds Requirements. The Client Project Manager praised the project for being 'right sized' with high quality deliverables that encountered no issues with the NZTA Independent Quality Assurance team. They also stated that UCL took a strong leadership and management role on this project, also undertaking some aspects which would traditionally sit wit the Client. The Supplier established strong and proactive management with the NZTA IQA and Comms team on the project.

SH43 has show cased our teams ability to deliver sizeable projects at the same, if not better, standard than larger companies. A part from our own team members working on the project we also chose the best for project / outcomes sub consultants for specialist areas such as wider economics, geotechnical, geometric design, environmental and planning. 

Our team led the project and workshops, delivered the transport planning, road safety, project economics, resilience, GIS aspects of the project and prepared the business case.

September  2019

We have been assisting the study partners for the upcoming Hawke's Bay Integrated Transport Plan with the preparation for updating the transport model.

Things have definitely changed since the last model build with our team being able to identify more accurate and cost effective ways of obtaining travel time and speed data for model calibration and validation.

After identifying the routes and sections that we required we worked with the team at Mooven to establish the monitoring and reporting for these.

Two weeks of data was captured over a wide selection of routes across the region. Gathering data on this scale would have been very costly once upon a time but not now with tech companies like Mooven providing great tools for such tasks.

Here at Urban Connection we are always happy to partner with the right suppliers for projects, in fact one of our values is Partner Right - Our Partners are the best for the job. There is mutual respect and we will grow together.

We are also about assisting our clients to make the right decisions. In this case it was about turning the efficiencies of new technology into providing wider and more robust data than has ever been used to assist the model build.

July 2019

Our team has been busy working on a range of road safety projects over the past month across New Zealand.

As part of our road safety support role for NZTA on the Provincial Growth Fund projects we have been in Northland undertaking safety audit site visits for the Twin Coast Discovery projects on SH11 and SH12.

We have also been undertaking post construction audits across the Manawatu, Hawke's Bay and Gisborne regions for the SafeRoads Alliance.

Our independence, responsiveness and experience in both rural and urban environments makes us the 1st choice for many clients when it comes to road safety audits.

When you engage Urban Connection to undertake road safety work you have passionate principal level engineers on the tools in the field and writing the reports. Combined with Ashu and his talents with Big Data skills and you have the A Team when it comes to assessing your safety needs.

Our team has also been completing speed management work for NZTA across the Hawke's Bay and Gisborne State Highway networks.

June 2019

June has been a busy month with some important milestones for Urban Connection. Recent news includes:

  • We have successfully been appointed to undertake a feasibility study for a training centre for Quality Roading Services in Wairoa. This is a Provincial Growth Fund project that has the potential to positively change lives and the improve the civil contracting industry in Wairoa (read more here);    
  • The Detailed Business Case for the SH43 Forgotten Highway has passed the NZTA Independent Quality Assessment; and
  • Ashu Kedia presented his paper 'Locating Collection and Delivery Points for Goods' Last-mile Travel: A Case Study in New Zealand' at the 11th International Conference on City Logistics in Croatia.

February 2019

We are very happy to announce that we have Jonathan Fletcher joining us 1 April in Christchurch. Tony and Aaron  have had the pleasure of working with Jonno in the past on projects such as the Whakatu Arterial Link (Design Manager) and South and North Canterbury Network Outcomes Contracts (Safety Manager). Jonno has 16 years of experience across a broad range of civil and transport projects. He is passionate about road safety and has extensive experience in this area.  The team and I are looking forward to Jonno starting. 

November 2018

November has been a busy month with preparation for, and the delivery of,  Workshop 1 at Stratford District Council for the SH43 Business Case. With our suppliers WSP Opus also commencing geotechnical fieldwork, EMS commencing the environmental assessment and HenleyHutchings the wider economic assessment.


Aaron and Tony are very pleased to announce that Karen Kiriona is joining our team as a Principal Engineer / Advisor. Both Tony and Aaron have a long working history with Karen and look forward to her joining us in mid January. 

Karen has over 30 years of experience in the Civil Engineering industry. As a certified Professional Project Manager and Registered Engineering Associate (REA) Karen possesses extensive technical knowledge, particularly in the New Zealand roading sector.

A significant contributor to Karen’s success is her keen interest in effective communications and human relationships. Her passion in this area led to qualifying as a vocational Dale Carnegie Instructor in 2008 and also undertaking an accreditation program for Professional Mentoring and Workplace Coaching skills in 2013. 

Karen brings her extensive experience in developing and facilitating interactive workshops for partnering, team building/development, lessons learned and innovation. Inspired by the Wellbeing and Resilience in the Workplace workshops that Urban Connection Limited have recently embarked on presenting,  she is highly motivated to continue with further developments in this area.

For the past 10 years she has been employed by the NZTA initially as an independent consultant, utilised primarily in a project management/technical support role, and more recently in a full time capacity as Principal Advisor for Business Performance. Karen strives to improve processes and procedures with proven success at overusing and contributing to every stage of the project lifecycle.

October 2018

It's only been four months and we have secured a great project. Urban Connection Limited is undertaking the single stage business case for the SH43 Forgotten World Highway. This sizeable win demonstrates the level of trust our clients have and the value they see in our work.

Apart from this big win we have also been appointed as the Engineer to Contract for the Hawke's Bay Expressway Safety Improvements project.

We have also launched our website for our Wellness & Resilience in the Workplace training that Tony is undertaking. Check out some of the feedback from our first session we ran in Napier this month.

August 2018

We have had a busy period since starting our new business. Many of our clients choose to work with us as we are very responsive, focused, independent and trusted. 

They get Principal level specialist delivering their projects and solving their problems.

Plus we believe that you have to enjoy what you do and have some fun. Life's too short not to.