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November 2018

November has been a busy month with preparation for, and the delivery of,  Workshop 1 at Stratford District Council for the SH43 Business Case. With our suppliers WSP Opus also commencing geotechnical fieldwork, EAM commencing the environmental assessment and HenleyHutchings the wider economic assessment.


Aaron and Tony are very pleased to announce that Karen Kiriona is joining our team as a Principal Engineer / Advisor. Both Tony and Aaron have a long working history with Karen and look forward to her joining us in mid January. 

Karen has over 30 years of experience in the Civil Engineering industry. As a certified Professional Project Manager and Registered Engineering Associate (REA) Karen possesses extensive technical knowledge, particularly in the New Zealand roading sector.

A significant contributor to Karen’s success is her keen interest in effective communications and human relationships. Her passion in this area led to qualifying as a vocational Dale Carnegie Instructor in 2008 and also undertaking an accreditation program for Professional Mentoring and Workplace Coaching skills in 2013. 

Karen brings her extensive experience in developing and facilitating interactive workshops for partnering, team building/development, lessons learned and innovation. Inspired by the Wellbeing and Resilience in the Workplace workshops that Urban Connection Limited have recently embarked on presenting,  she is highly motivated to continue with further developments in this area.

For the past 10 years she has been employed by the NZTA initially as an independent consultant, utilised primarily in a project management/technical support role, and more recently in a full time capacity as Principal Advisor for Business Performance. Karen strives to improve processes and procedures with proven success at overusing and contributing to every stage of the project lifecycle.

October 2018

It's only been four months and we have secured a great project. Urban Connection Limited is undertaking the single stage business case for the SH43 Forgotten World Highway. This sizeable win demonstrates the level of trust our clients have and the value they see in our work.

Apart from this big win we have also been appointed as the Engineer to Contract for the Hawke's Bay Expressway Safety Improvements project.

We have also launched our website for our Wellness & Resilience in the Workplace training that Tony is undertaking. Check out some of the feedback from our first session we ran in Napier this month.

August 2018

We have had a busy period since starting our new business. Many of our clients choose to work with us as we are very responsive, focused, independent and trusted. 

They get Principal level specialist delivering their projects and solving their problems.

Plus we believe that you have to enjoy what you do and have some fun. Life's too short not to.